CONDA 3.00 – a new chapter is opened #weare300

After months of countless discussions, appointments and negotiations in search of the best partner for the future and further development of CONDA, we are happy to announce officially and proudly: CONDA becomes part of the startup300 family!

For us, this means opening a new chapter in the life of CONDA (but also for us as founders), because with this step we will become part of an even bigger whole and can lay the foundation to continue to grow CONDA successfully in the future. Docking on the startup300 ecosystem opens a lot of new possibilities for CONDA. In the future, we will cover the entire corporate financing lifecycle and work with the startup300 team to develop new products and services for startups, SMEs and private investors. We also get the opportunity to work closely with companies such as Pioneers, Startup Live, think300, factory300 or Talent Garden to develop common activities. This great network will result in exciting projects and products for CONDA.

What does this mean for the CONDA team? Our customers? The CONDA Community? For Paul and me?

Primarily this means: everything will be even better! We will continue to pursue the vision of developing the financial market of the future – with the backing of a strong partner and embedded in an innovative and rapidly growing group of companies. The team remains, our customers can continue to rely on our quality work and the community will continue to grow. In addition, we will address new target groups of investors.

Paul and I will continue to hold the responsibility for CONDA and will also be in charge of the operations. Furthermore, we will take over some topics within the startup300 group and help to drive it forward.

The decision wasn´t easy and we certainly had more than 150 talks with potential investors, strong partners and possible merger candidates in 2018. But at the end of the day, the similarities and strategic overlaps with startup300 were the biggest and the chemistry is just right – so it was ultimately the only right decision for us.

The last couple of weeks and months we had to face quite some challenges, sometimes with great despair but sometimes also with enormous feelings of happiness. Now it´s the time to catch our breath, gather ourselves and head towards our common goals at full speed.

We will keep you posted in the coming weeks and are looking forward to presenting to you a lot of new and exciting news.

Daniel – co-founder CONDA

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