Finance your company with CONDA Crowdinvesting

Crowdinvesting offers you a financing tool with marketing effects.

A CONDA crowdinvesting campaign offers you the opportunity to finance your company and realize your ideas. In addition, you and your company benefit from the attention the campaign generates.

Advantages of a crowdinvesting campaign

With a crowdinvesting campaign on CONDA, you will receive risk capital from many investors, which might enable you to expand your company and provide further financing (e.g. bank loans, subsidies, etc.). However, you can expect a whole range of further advantages:

In addition to equity, you can also use your crowdinvesting campaign as a very effective marketing tool. As part of the campaign, for example, you get the opportunity to achieve a large reach and thus, a lot of attention for your project.

If needed, we will of course support you with targeted communication activities including:

  • Public Relations
  • Events
  • Social media campaigns

This increases the awareness of your company enormously and therefore, of your product or service.

Get feedback from the CONDA community

Get in contact with our huge community of active investors to get first-hand feedback. Besides, use the chance of interaction with potential new customers!

Investors are more than customers

Another smart reason to start a crowdinvesting campaign: your investors not only provide you with the funds, but become loyal customers and, in best case, your brand advocates. As it is for sure in their best interest, if your company thrives.

It´s all about the right contacts

For sure, you will profit from our huge network as well. As you know, the right contacts can bring you a decisive market advantage and might contribute significantly to the success of your company.

We are going to support you with all our know-how and experience as well!

Find valuable investors with CONDA crowdinvesting

The CONDA crowdinvesting platform offers you the chance to get in direct contact with investors and customers. Get useful feedback from different perspectives and use it to achieve your company´s goals. Your investors might become helpful partners beyond this as well. Let them become your very own brand ambassadors and multipliers as part of your crowdinvesting campaign. A smart solution to achieve your corporate goals!

4 steps to finance your business with crowdinvesting

Generating equity for your business doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. With a crowdinvesting campaign from CONDA, we are giving you a convenient tool to achieve your corporate financing. The campaign can be divided into four phases including:

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Submit your crowdinvetsing project

Submit your project online or contact us and provide us with

  • a business plan
  • a financial plan
  • your annual financial statement

We are going to contact you for feedback as soon as possible.

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Implementation of your CONDA crowdinvesting campaign

While starting a CONDA crowdinvesting campaign, you get lots of chances and opportunities for your business:

  • gaining investors
  • getting valuable feedback
  • interacting with the community
  • winning new clients
  • promoting your business
  • getting funds
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Preparation of your crowdinvesting campaign

Describe your product or service as well as your business model in an easy but exciting way. You can use:

  • a short video
  • meaningful photos
  • high quality pictures
  • graphic files

Your target is to build an interesting project page to attract investors and potential new clients.

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Completion of your CONDA crowdinvesting campaign

Once you gained enough investors and funds, your campaign isn´t quite over yet. Get in touch with your investors on a regularly base, send them updates and make them your brand ambassadors. Use your new network to reach your companies targets in the future as well.