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Our crowdinvesting platform matches investors and companies

Become a CONDA investor now and support exciting new business models and innovative projects. We are your platform partner to participate in the growth of promising companies and ideas, starting from investments as low as 100 Euro. We focus on financing startups, SME and real estate projects in order to provide you with a wide range of projects for your diverse investment portfolio. Entrepreneurs profit from our flexible white label solutions as well.

Your startup investment

If you invest in a startup, you actively support a young company on its way to success and you profit from its high growth potential. For the equally high risk you take as an investor, you are rewarded with higher interes rates, plus you participate in the growth of the company´s value. Discover your next startup investment opportunity now!

Real estate investments

Investments in real estate projects usually start with quite high amounts. With CONDA crowdinvesting you get the chance to invest in real estate projects from just 100 Euro and up. Combined with the relatively short contract terms, it´s the ideal start for your real estate investments.

Support for SME

An investment in a SME (small and medium enterprise) is an interesting opportunity. As the company already exists for a while and is most probably economically stable, the risk for investors is lower. This, plus the fact that you support the local economy, makes an investment in a SME attractive.

CONDA white label solution

Our customized white label solutions are tailored for raising funds - from donation, reward and equity based crowdfunding to issuing shares etc. Our platform features are designed to fit your company´s needs and our experienced team knows to support you from the very first step.

Discover our active crowdinvesting projects and find out what´s in there for you! We are happy to support you with our experience from over 160 sucessfully financed projects on your way, as investor or entrepreneur.

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What our partners say about us

Niko Alm
Private capital needs the chance to “work”. CONDA crowdinvesting makes that happen and shows how the economy and financing is going to work in the future: with independent cooperations of investors and companies.
Michael Altrichter
Crowdinvesting is trending and getting more and more attention as it is the perfect financing tool for a lot of B2C business models. I am happy that the team at CONDA works hard to support and develop this important topic!
Rainer Schönfelder
Together with my partner Hermann Maier, we trusted in the power and support of the crowd to finance our COOEE alpin Hotels in Bad Kleinkirchheim. With CONDA crowdinvesting, we´ve found a strong and reliable partner to raise 1.2 million Euros.
Magdalena Hauser
As Austria’s largest crowdinvesting platform, CONDA has made a significant contribution, since its foundation in 2013, to make this alternative form of financing accessible to the broad mass and has already been able to support countless companies in implementing their ideas.