Nicolas Roedler
paper republic crowd investment opportunity

5 reasons to invest in paper republic

December 6, 2021 By

You surely know about our love for extra-smooth natural paper and fragrant leather, tanned with plants, herbs and wood, from an Italian, family-run tannery. But that’s not all we care about.  At paper republic, we do our best to work in a sustainable manner – from office life to production and packaging, for the environment,

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What makes paper republic leather journals so good?

December 1, 2021 By

1. The Leather: why paper republic leather is so special: The journey to achieving the perfect leather begins on the grassy, cattle-filled fields of France. From there, we move to the rugged valleys of Tuscany, where in taking the best part of the cow (the shoulder from the hides of these farm-reared French cattle) the tanneries can

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