CONDA Crowdinvesting

Our mission: we match investors with companies

We are Austria's pioneer when it comes to crowdinvesting for startups and SMEs. Since CONDA was founded in 2013, we have successfully financed more than 160 projects, gathered more than 30,000 international investors in our community and provide them with the opportunity to invest cross-border in companies in Austria, Germany  and Switzerland.

We are convinced that the future is in the hands of young and innovative entrepreneurs. That is why we have made it our mission to support these entrepreneurs, in order to build a foundation for the realization of their visions.

Our principles

CONDA is more than a crowdinvesting platform. CONDA is the link between startups or SMEs and investors who, together, aim to realize visions.

We focus on the people.
Personal contact is very important for CONDA. If it´s the contact to entrepreneurs, our investors, our partners or, of course, our international team.

Regionality and  cross-border investments.
At CONDA you get the opportunity to invest in European companies cross-border and we are constantly working on expanding our network.

However, proximity is also very important to us. For this reason, investors have the opportunity to participate in crowdinvesting projects in their region. On one hand, they support local businesses and get the chance to directly support - as investors, with their feedback and as brand advocates - those companies.

On the other hand, the entrepreneurs benefit from our regional partners. This in return enables us to respond to our customers individually and to support them in the best possible way throughout the entire crowdinvesting campaign.

Expertise, team and experience.
Thanks to our highly qualified partners, we have a broad expertise in a variety of industries and markets. This is how we achieve the highest quality for our crowdinvesting projects. It all starts with the comprehensive and consistent selection of the best ideas.

We offer our customers professional service as well as competent advice in order to create the best possible basis for the success of their company. Our broad network of partners and the CONDA community are an important part in all this.

For us, ideas are the basis. But it is the teams and their commitment that make visions come true!

Meet our team

Daniel Horak CONDA Crowdinvesting


Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Enzo CONDA crowdinvesting


Senior Consultant Funding & Projects
Nicolas Rödler CONDA Crowdinvesting


Consultant Funding & Projects
Norbert Adenberger developer CONDA




Karin Turki CONDA Crowdinvesting


Head of Marketing


Head of Whitelabel Solutions


Investment Manager
Johanna Riedl - Investor Relations Managerin bei CONDA


Investor Relations Managerin
Johanna Riedl - Investor Relations Managerin bei CONDA


Investor Relations Managerin